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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have references?

Yes. You will find some of our references listed on our Testimonials page.

Can we see your work? 

Absolutely! Some of our San Francisco landscaping and construction work is featured in our Portfolio. Many of our clients are happy to show our work, both interiors and exteriors. Contact us for details.

How long have you been in business?

Over two decades and counting, we’ve been in business since 1990. Originally, we were known as Spry Landscape & Trees Co. On January 1, 2000, we incorporated as Spryscapes Construction, Inc.

Are you licensed as a San Francisco construction and landscaping company? 

Yes, both as a General Contractor and as a Landscape Contractor. Our credentials are found on our Services page.

Are you insured?

Of course! We carry Worker Compensation and $1,000,000 Liability Insurance. Certificates are available upon request.

What size construction jobs do you do? 

As a San Francisco construction and landscaping company, we do projects ranging from $1,000 fence repair to $900,000 additions.

How much will the construction cost?

All jobs have a different degree of difficulty, which is incorporated into the “unit” costing. A unit can be by the square foot (i.e., patios or decks), or by the linear foot (i.e., fencing and irrigation).

Remodels and additions are priced by labor and materials. The best way to have this question answered is to fill out our Estimate Form and we’ll gladly talk with you about your specific needs.

Do we have to get a Permit? When are Permits required? 

This depends on where you live and the type of work being performed. For instance, in San Francisco, for General Construction projects, the city requires three separate permits: building, electrical and plumbing! While in Marin County or the Peninsula, the municipalities only require one permit, which covers all aspects.

Please note that most remodeling projects for San Francisco construction do require permits.

A permit can benefit the consumer more than the contractor because drawings and detailed notes are required. These drawings and notes provide clear information so that the “left hand” knows what the “right hand” is doing! All electrical and plumbing work require permits.

For San Francisco landscaping projects, as well as for neighboring counties, the less permanent the enhancement, the less chance that a permit will be required. For example:

  • Landscape projects usually do NOT require a permit.
  • On decks and other landscape projects, permit requirements vary depending on the municipality in which the work is to be done.
  • A good rule-of-thumb is that decks no higher than thirty inches off the ground and well within your property lines probably will not require a permit.
  • The higher the deck and the closer it is built to a property line, the more likely a permit will be required.
  • Most general construction projects do require a permit.

So how much will it really cost? 

“The devil is in the details.” One could have two identical bathroom remodels, both completely “gutted out.” One may have plumbing fixtures remaining in the same location and fixtures supplied by Home Depot. The other, same-sized bathroom with fixtures moved to the other side of the room and a custom-made vanity, tub and shower could cost much more.

Spryscapes does offer cost engineering services to help the homeowner realized what the details can cost. Please contact us so that we can discuss your individual project and we will be happy to provide an estimate.

How much more does seismic construction cost? 

You can usually plan on spending twice the price of “normal” construction. Half of the cost goes into the ground in the form of piers, footings and grade beams. As a San Francisco construction company, we have vast seismic construction expertise in working around the Bay Area.

Do you guarantee your work? 

Absolutely! We strive for happy, satisfied customers. This is the whole premise of our business, and one of the reasons for our success as a San Francisco landscaping and construction company.