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Personal recommendations are key to the success of any business. The success we enjoy is directly related to the satisfaction of our clients. These testimonials were unsolicited. We were both pleased and grateful that they took the time to write to us, and it is with much pride that we share them with you. Please contact us for a list of references.

These guys are great. Their work is excellent, the owners are personable and professional. Their crews are superb. I hate to admit it, but we no longer get competing bids on projects — we just go to Spryscapes… We can always get hold of someone. The crews show up when promised, clean up each day, and treat the neighborhood we live in with respect — they even pick up their cigarette butts out of the street… Our first project with Spryscapes was landscaping and constructing an outdoor patio in 2004. Excellent work that we enjoy today. There was a problem with a subcontractor (not used anymore) and Spryscapes took care of everything!

…Their work was beautiful, they were consistently reliable, they gave us several options that saved us money, and worked with our (many) changes in the plans to create for us the home we wanted.

Bottom line: excellent work, reasonable prices, solid professional values, good crews… and personable people. We like like working with Spryscapes — and we really like what our projects look like when all is finished!

~ John H.

Four years ago, we decided to remodel the main floor of the house. We were confined to a small budget for the number of things we wanted done, and decided that Greg and Mike were the contractors we wished to do the job. Our main floor consisted of living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom all covering about 800 square feet. Rooms were small, cramped, and dimly lit. They did an amazing job with opening up our living room, dining room, and kitchen. Now, we can see through the entire house…

All of their employees were very polite and consciencious. When I told one employee who was cleaning up after the day that he could just leave it until tomorrow, he said that he would not dare leave a mess.

We are totally happy with the work done by Greg and Mike. Once you are their customer, you can call them anytime and they are right there. I give them my highest recommendation.

~ Beverly B.

I have now worked with Spryscapes Construction on 3 separate projects and have had incredibly positive experiences… Each project was carefully and fully discussed before a single nail was hammered. Greg and Mike went to great effort to define the project and collaborate with me and my partner to insure that how things got built was really what we wanted. I was ALWAYS able to reach someone in a timely manner if I needed to.

The people who work for Spryscapes Construction received fair pay and HEALTH INSURANCE. This was a big issue for me. I did not want to work with a company who wasn’t taking respectful care of their workers…

Greg and Mike et al are a pleasure to work with. Truly. I don’t know many people who can say that after three projects, but I would hire them again tomorrow and the next day.

~ Meg N.

Dear Greg,

We did not know what to expect
when first you appeared upon our wreck.
We watched you climb and plant and dig,
you jumped around and seemed SO BIG.
And then we mused as each week passed,
the beauty of our yard, at last
— since that time, to our delight,
our garden became a spectacular sight!

Everything you planted just grew and grew,
you knew it would, but we didn’t have a clue.
And then you said you could do more
which got you inside our front door.

The ponytail gang worked hard and long.
We both thought, “Gee, they’re all so strong!”
You were all so patient with Nancy’s lists.
You almost made them seem like bliss.
Then, Sir Walter made his arrival
and, despite his presence, you all managed survival.

We feel that we have found Greg Spry
to be quite an unbelievable guy!!

~ Mike and Nancy

Dear Mr. Spry:

On behalf of all the employees assigned to the San Jose Office of the California Highway Patrol (CHP),I want to personally thank you for your generous donation of time and materials for the installation of a drip system. You installed a drip system surrounding the monument for Officer Scott Greenly, #14325, who was tragically killed in the line of duty on January 7, 1998. Your assistance in preparing the landscaping surrounding the monument will make it an ever lasting tribute to our fallen comrade. Area personnel and the Greenly family were unanimous in their praise for the final results of the landscaping job. You should truly be proud of your outstanding efforts. Once again, thank you Mr. Spry for all your generosity and continuing support of the members of the San Jose Area of the California Highway Patrol. We are truly blessed to have caring friends such as yourself.

J.M. Baker, Captain Commander San Jose Area
Department of California Highway Patrol

~ J.M. Baker